Versatile Headphones
Versatile Headphones
Versatile Headphones
Versatile Headphones
Versatile Headphones
Versatile Headphones
Versatile Headphones
Versatile Headphones

Versatile Headphones

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The world´s first all in one wireless headphones that seamlessly convert into wearable and portable speakers to give you all.  

  • The Aluminum 7000 series used on both sides controls its used extensively in industries such as aerospace, and is selected to meet the most stringent conditions.
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth 5.0 lightning fast pairing.
  • A superb innovative all in one sound device, at a affordable price. 

 You can use the Buoq axis anywhere and at anytime. Thanks to our integrated micro amplifier and our high-quality 40mm drivers the patented internal system allows you to change from headphones to speaker in a completely safe way for your ears, in less than a second.    

 By turning outwards or inwards the earpads 180º the mechanism will automatically activate or deactivate the speaker mode. 

  Support both wireless and wired modes. Choose the one your prefer depending on the moment. With the 3.5mm cable you can also use it on headphone and speaker mode.

 Instantly customize your headphones with the specially developed interchangeable magnetic earpads to match all your styles. 

 Fold them, save them in the traveling ultra light hardcase and carry them comfortably in a backpack, bag or hand-luggage. 

The ultra comfortable ergonomic design, is easy to adjust and will perfectly fit to any user.

We use the most advance Bluetooth 5.0 technology on the market. With a powerful range of 15 meters / 50 foot. It will give you all the freedom you need for all kinds of circumstances.  

Game-changing audio technology

 Save space, save weight and save time and enjoy an incredible immersive sound quality for all kinds of music. 

Create memorable life experiences together with Buoq. Your music more portable than ever before.  

Wearable mode.  It creates a virtual sonic helmet around your neck while you are still fully aware of your surroundings without disturbing the people near you thanks to the directional sound. 

Feel the real freedom. Ride bicycle, skate, run, or practice any other kind of outdoor or indoor activity without limitations. Enjoy your music, podcast and calls everywhere you go.

Save time. Get faster and saver to your new destinations like never before. Avoid getting lost or having to constantly check how to get from point A to B on your phone. The audio of the gps will tell you how to get to your destination. 

  • On average you will be saving between 300 to 500€/$ !  

The headphones fit perfectly inside the soft-touch hardcase without leaving unnecessary space. The ergonomic design is easy to adjust to any size of head. 

 Save space and weight while you travel by having only one sound device.Its easy and light to carry on you neck, backpack, belt, etc... 

  On wearable mode you will even forget you have it!

  •  Demo using the side controls.
  •  Bluetooth strength challenge.
  • Reactions from music producer & DJ HEREN. 

       Why we do not use USB-C? Because of the high cost.

We are so confident that you are going to love these headphones that If you don't love it as much as we do you can send it back within 30 days from receiving it.

As with any project, the biggest risks and challenges come during the manufacturing and supply chain processes. Our team works every day with our top-tier manufacturer in Shenzhen, the hardware center of the world, to ensure the highest-quality products and fastest delivery.Nevertheless, as unexpected challenges often occur during any new product production, we are committed to honesty and transparency with our process, and we always update our customers with any variables that may slow down the production and delivery process.We understand and acknowledge that no project comes without risk and challenges. Despite our planning, there are circumstances that may be out of our control. If we are met with these, we promise to communicate with full transparency to you.